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TUTTU net supports the developers of digital products and services together with innovation clusters, hubs and testlabs in the fields of social and health care, construction, ICT and business across Finland. The outcomes on this website have been generated in developing digital products and services used in the fields of health, well-being and assisted living. The outcomes are widely applicable in other user-driven products and service development as well. Read on and learn more about collaboration processes, available testing and support services as well as our extensive data bank, and find your potential new partners.

TUTTU net offers insights for individuals participating in product development processes.
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On the user’s path, you read, listen and watch content from the perspective of the resident, professional or family member, who participates in the product and service development.



Podcast-series: Discussions about development of future techonologies and services (coming soon in English)

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TUTTU net is an expanding community. The network has been established in Helsinki, Tampere and Oulu during the HIPPA project.



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