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JoyHaptics Ltd has developed a new type of network-connected iXu smart bear that allows people to connect with each other.

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iXu Smart Bear to send and receive touch over distance



Jussi Tuovinen, CEO



Finnish company JoyHaptics Ltd has created iXu Smart Bear and an app, which is the world's first Health and Wellbeing solution to send and receive the feeling of a loving caress anywhere in the world. Our solution includes a smart designer teddy bear and an app running in a mobile device. 


With iXu Smart Bear you can send a touch to your loved one by caressing your iXu bear’s back or stroking your smartphone touch screen. Your loved one’s iXu bear then mirrors your hand movement with the its arm to give the feeling of a caress. An alternative way of using is to use only one iXu Bear as a stand-alone smart bear solution. In this case no outside connection is need to a mobile phone or Wi-Fi. In this case, you caress the back of iXu and it will caress you back.

Need to drink - Need to eat - Need to sleep – Need touch

iXu Bear addresses many global Health and Wellbeing challenges. Persons experiencing loneliness, anxiety, being disconnected, and e.g. Alzheimer’s patients and autistic children do benefit greatly from touch. The list of positive effects of touch is long: comfort, calming, closeness, belonging, and anxiety mitigation to name some. People miss touch and closeness when they are not able to be together with their loved ones. Touch and closeness are one of the fundamental needs of humans.


Co-creation with HIPPA-project:

HIPPA-project allowed JoyHaptics to do co-creation together with Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and Myllypuro Senior Centre. Also, 30 students from Metropolia´s  innovation course studied how iXu Smart Bear can help the well-being of young adults. Feedback from elderly and young adults has been valuable for market entry for the iXu Smart Bear by JoyHaptics.