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Commercialization support

The market and business potential of the product/service is assessed and developed in a cyclical manner, along with co-creation and testing. Universities of applied sciences and cities aim to boost companies in their commercialization activities, help them develop smart solutions into successful product and scale their opeartions.

The process from an idea to a commercial product starts by crystallizing the idea. At this stage, Business Model Canvas or Impact Canvas of the former  Y-kampus (now HUBS) of Tampere University of Applied Sciences may be used as tools. After this, potential customers are analysed together with the entrepreneurs, defining the value of the proposed idea to them. Value Proposition Canvas is the tool for this stage and customer expertise is deepened with the Empathy Map

The entrepreneurs’ objective is to place an MVP, minimum viable product, on the market as soon as possible, to collect user data from the customers and to further develop the product as quickly and as inexpensively as possible.

The Customer Journey Map helps develop the entire service journey from the customer’s perspective and productize the service/product further, taking the needs of different customers into account.
The last stage is to sell the product/service to the customers. For this, an elevator pitch is created and pitching is fine-tuned.


Student teams may carry out surveys on competitors and social media marketing

Companies that already operate on the market may benefit from surveys made by UAS business students, as part of their studies. Typical survey targets include, among others, comparing the competitors’ products and services to the company’s ones, and positioning them in relation to the options offered by the company. Also, marketing in social media supports the company’s marketing efforts in digital environments.