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Jari Viitanen, CEO
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Viudetta is the leading specialist and distributor of electronic bidets in Finland. We have worked with health professionals and organizations for more than ten years. Our aim is to help people who have difficulties to get along in the toilet. We have a challenge in health and care, costs increase and number of people who need help is going to grow. 

A cleansing toilet bidet (Washlet) is mounted on a toilet seat, and it replaces toilet paper with hygienic and comfortable water wash and dry with warm air. 

As a market leader and the preferred supplier we always give our expertise and consultancy in the projects. Our products are in use in almost every municipality in Finland and we have tested our solutions and products successfully in many projects. 


Toilet bidet in brief: 

  • Suitable for all: adults, children, the elderly and the disabled 
  • Washing comfortably and the result is always good 
  • The best way to clean the bottom of your body and prevent skin irritation and inflammation 
  • No toilet paper is required at all 
  • The toilet bide is installed in place of the toilet seat cover and does not require any additional space in the toilet 
  • Ecological choice, saves nature, low running costs 
  • If a person needs help in the toilet operation, the toilet bidet increases self-sufficiency and reduces the need for assistance. 


Viudetta has a model for everyone in our collection. TOTO Washlet is the industry's top-premium product and TOTO has a wide range of products to satisfy the demanding taste. BioBidet 1000 has been our market’s most selling bidet for years and the price / quality is really good. Jasmin Care Bidet is specially designed for aid and care. Jasmin has a extensive range of assistive equipment working in combination with the care bidet. 

Viudetta has a well tested electronic cleansing toilet bidet solution for people with increased difficulties in toilet. When people are self-sufficient they don’t need assistance. That means cost savings and productivity increase in health services. 

We want to make life easier and more self-reliant for people with various disabilities or reduced functionality in toilet.