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Tablet as an entertainment and information tool

Jukka Salonen, CEO
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Hublet is a Finnish innovation in the digital world, which offers secure and easy self-service service solution for offering tablet loans. Hublet Solution consists of Hublet Tablets, Hublet Smart Docking Station and Hublet Manager -management software. It enables access to the digital content in libraries, hospitals, elderly care houses, restaurants, kindergartens, science centers and prisons.


In hospitals and elderly care centers Hublet is combined entertainment and information tool. In senior homes Hublet can be used during the patient rehabilitation process for example appropriate content activates memory, which brings joy to people with memory issues. Through Hublet Tablets users can access information communicated by the health entity, connect with the loved ones, use physical, mental training and entertainment applications. All of these improve the patient welfare and makes everyday life easier for employees.
Additional information:
Hublet Solution is fully automated from borrowing to return. Users can loan a tablet with their wristband or ID-card (in hospitals), library card (in libraries), PIN or QR code. When users return the tablets back to Hublet Smart Docking Station, it automatically wipes all the temporary data ensuring data privacy and security. As a self-service solution, Hublet can save employees’ expensive working hours and free their time for other important tasks. Moreover, Hublet Solution is fully comprehensive and requires no additional services or IT management. Updates and downloads are handled automatically, which means that Hublet is carefree.
Hublet is currently available in 400 institutions across 14 different countries worldwide. It is cost-efficient and time-saving solution that allows sharing digital content safely. Hublet inspires our customers and end users to desing services in a new way.

Co-creation with HIPPA-project:

Hippa-project allowed Hublet to do co-creation together with Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and Myllypuro Senior Centre. Project started with implementation and content planning for Hublet tablets with several stakeholders from all of the three organizations. Based on that information Hublet solution testing have been started in Myllypuro senior centre. Ongoing testing has already given Hublet lot of positive feedback from customer and staff in the senior centre and we are eagerly waiting the end results to get summary how our solution works in this environment and what kind of development work would be beneficial for us to implement it in larger scale for Finnish and global health care markets.