Enabling Home, Oulu UAS SimLab


Oulu UAS Enabling Home is a technology-supported, accessible and safe learning environment. The Home displays modifiable specimen solutions for living, created with the objective to allow persons who need special solutions for mobility, vision, hearing, remembering, understanding or communicating, to lead an independent everyday life in their homes. The Home also acts as a simulation environment for assisted living.


More information:
Kirsi Jokinen

VR tour was made by:
Janne Rajala, cameraman, Digitarvike Videonurkka
Kirsi Jokinen, M. Sc., Lecturer, Oulu UAS, Social Services and Rehabilitation
Eliisa Niilekselä, M. Sc. in Health Care, occupational therapist, expert teacher / lecturer in occupational therapy, Oulu UAS